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Ultimate guide to composite decking in Ireland

Composite decking has become a popular choice for homeowners here in Ireland seeking a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood decks. So lets take a look at some of the most common questions regarding composite decking, including its cost, disadvantages, installation process, suitability for concrete surfaces, comparison to other decking materials, and its susceptibility to mould.

How much should I pay for a composite deck?

The cost of a composite deck varies depending on various factors such as the quality of the material, size of the deck, design complexity, and any additional features or accessories. Our Portland

On average, you can expect to pay between €62-92 per square metre for composite decking, excluding installation. If you are getting in a third party company to install your composite decking then it is important to obtain quotes from reputable suppliers or contractors to get an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements.

What are the disadvantages of composite decking?

While composite decking offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to be aware of its drawbacks. Some common disadvantages include:

  • Higher upfront cost compared to wood decking.
  • Prone to scratches and fading over time.
  • Can become hot to the touch in direct sunlight.
  • Limited color selection compared to wood stains.
  • Some composite materials may have a potential for mould growth if not properly maintained.

Can I install my own composite decking?

Yes, it is possible to install your own composite decking if you have the necessary skills and tools. However, keep in mind that composite decking installation requires careful planning and precision. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and installation instructions to ensure a successful and long-lasting deck. If you’re uncertain about your abilities, hiring a professional contractor can provide peace of mind and ensure the deck is installed correctly.

Can you lay composite decking straight onto concrete?

Yes, composite decking can be installed directly onto a concrete surface, provided certain conditions are met. First, ensure the concrete is structurally sound and level. Next, lay down a moisture barrier to prevent any water from seeping into the decking material. Finally, use composite deck screws or hidden fasteners to secure the boards to the concrete surface. This installation method can be an excellent option for patios, balconies, or other concrete areas.

What is better than composite decking?

While composite decking offers many advantages, it’s worth exploring alternative decking materials based on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular alternatives include:

  • Natural wood: Provides a timeless aesthetic but requires more maintenance.
  • PVC (plastic) decking: Offers excellent durability and low maintenance but can be more expensive.
  • Tropical hardwoods: Provide natural beauty, exceptional durability, but can be costly and require maintenance.

Does composite decking go mouldy?

Composite decking is generally resistant to mould and mildew growth due to its composition of recycled wood fibers and plastic. However, in humid or damp environments, composite decking can develop mould if not properly cleaned and maintained. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, along with routine inspections, can help prevent mould growth and keep your deck looking its best.

Composite decking offers a durable and low-maintenance solution for homeowners seeking a long-lasting deck. Understanding the costs, disadvantages, installation process, suitability for concrete surfaces, alternatives, and maintenance requirements will help you make an informed decision. By considering these factors, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that enhances your home’s value and provides years of enjoyment.

  • Composite Decking (m2)

    62.6092.74 (Inc. VAT)
    Shop options

    Composite Decking (m2)

    Composite Decking from Whiteriver Group (per m2)

    Key features:

    • High quality composite decking from Whiteriver Group
    • Beautiful natural look with less maintenance required than wooden decking
    • Uniform colours in a range of styles
    • Long lifespan so saves you money and time over the lifetime of your deck
    • Supplied per square metre
    62.6092.74 (Inc. VAT)
  • Composite Decking installation kits

    15.3618.65 (Inc. VAT)
    Shop options

    Composite Decking installation kits

    Installation kits for composite decking

    Key features:

    • High quality installation kits for composite decking ranges from Whiteriver Group
    • All installation kits cover 2.5m2
    • Choice of models available
    • Easy to use
    • Ideal for Trades people and for DIY
    15.3618.65 (Inc. VAT)
  • Composite Decking Start / End clips

    15.3618.65 (Inc. VAT)
    Shop options

    Composite Decking Start / End clips

    Start and End Clips for composite decking from Whiteriver

    Key features:

    • High quality clips for securing first and last rows of composite decking
    • Options for timber joists or aluminium / steel joists
    • 25 clips per pack which covers the first and last row
    • Ideal for Trades people and for DIY
    15.3618.65 (Inc. VAT)

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