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Sheep Wool Insulation

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Pure & natural Sheep Wool Insulation

Key features:

  • 100% pure, natural, breathable and environmentally friendly material for insulating attics, ceilings, roofs, walls and floors
  • High performance of thermal insulation with Thermal Conductivity between 0.0359 and 0.042 W/mK
  • Used in all types of commercial and residential buildings along with campervans and sheds
  • Can absorb up to 33 % of its own weight in moisture, without losing any of its insulating properties
  • Nothing added at all – just 100% pure natural wool

Product Description

Our Sheep Wool Insulation is made from 100% pure and natural sheep’s wool. Nothing has been added during the manufacturing process, offering you a totally natural and environmentally friendly insulation material suited to a wide variety of locations. This can be used in both new builds and also as part of retro fitting during renovations or extensions. It helps abuilding retain warmth in winter and helps to cool the building in summer.

This Sheep Wool Insulation is used extensively now in both residential and commercial buildings and is not only popular due its natural features, but also thanks to the high performance that it offers. It is extremely easy to work with and this can be done without the need for masks and gloves. You can simply rip it to get the desired size that you need. It is protected from infestation from the likes of moths thanks to the Ionic Protect process undertaken by the manufacturer.

It is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product and sheeps wool has been a popular natural product for thousands of years. Sheep Wool has a proven ability to absorb harmful substances (including Formaldehyde) and has added health benefits by purifying the air in any building. It can absorb moisture and then release it and can absorb up to 33% of its weight in moisture without compromising on its performance.

Benefits of Sheep Wool Insulation;

  • This offers high performance heat insulation
  • Helps to purify the air air in a room with a very short space of time, removing many odours and harmful substances, such as
  • Helps to regulate humidity – this Sheep Wool Insulation can absorb to 33% of its own weight in moisture without comprising its insulating effect
  • It is high quality and safe. This product carries the international natureplus quality seal and holds the European Technical Approval (ETA).
  • It is sustainable and environmentally friendly. As a natural product, sheep wool is shorn twice a year and can be returned to the environmental cycle at any time
  • It has protection thanks to Ionic Protect – a new innovative wool protection. This protection is Biocide-free, permanent and CUAP tested
  • Easy to rip for fast insulation
  • Protected from infestation from the likes of moths with the unique IonicProtect process
  • There is no glue or polyester used at all – this is 100% pure wool

What options are available?

There are three variations of this natural sheepwool insulation;

  • Premium
  • Optimal
  • Comfort

Premium Sheepwool Insulation:

  • This is a high density insulation roll at 20kg/m3 and is the very best solution when stronger and more dense insulation is required.
  • It has a thermal conductivity of 0.0359 W/m2k.
  • Used in a wide range of applications in both domestic and commercial buildings;
    • Ceilings
    • Roofs at rafter level and joist level
    • Walls – Timber frame walls and interior / partition walls
    • Floors
    • External insulation
    • Saunas
    • Acoustic insulation in ceilings
    • Wood panel houses
    • Log houses
    • Low energy houses
    • Passive energy houses
  • Available in either 150mm or 200mm thickness
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.0359 W/m2k
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications (can be stapled when used vertically so it doesn’t sag or droop over time)
  • Easy to rip for fast insulation

It is particularly ideal for walls and sloping rafters due to its high density. Available in 150mm and 200mm pre-cut to 380mm and 570mm wide. A pack of 150mm will cover 3.42m2m and a pack of 200mm will cover 2.85m2. Premium can be easily ripped apart due to its ‘jagged cut’ making install quick and easy.

Can this be used vertically?

Yes is the short and easy answer. You can see in this video how the Premium product is installed vertically as wall insulation and tucked into place before a few staples are used to fix it securely.

Optimal Sheepwool Insulation:

  • This is the best available solution for a standard application
  • This is a medium density insulation roll at 18kg/m3 with a thermal conductivity of 0.0385 W/m2k.
  • Used in a wide range of applications in both domestic and commercial buildings;
    • Internal and external walls
    • Ceilings
    • Rafter level applications
    • Floors
  • Suitable for used in any horizontal, vertical or sloping applications
  • Available in either 50mm, 75mm, 100mm or 140mm thickness and pre cut to 380mm and 570mm wide.
  • A pack of 50mm will cover 10.26m2 and a pack of 75mm and a pack of 100mm will cover 5.7m2.
  • Easy to rip for fast insulation and simply tucked into place and secured with some staples
  • The Optimal option comes with an inner felt backing which makes installation even easier
  • As you unroll the inner side is smoother. When installing, place this inner smoother side facing into the room and this allows for better support.

Comfort Sheepwool Insulation:

  • This is a low density insulation roll at 14kg/m3 with a thermal conductivity of 0.042 W/m2k.
  • High performing thermal insulation along with high acoustic performance
  • Used in a wide range of applications in both domestic and commercial buildings;
    • Attic and loft insulation
    • Shed insulation
    • Ceilings
    • Floors
  • Ideal for all horizontal applications
  • Available in either 100mm or 150mm thickness and pre cut to 380mm and 570mm wide.
  • A pack of 100mm will cover 4.56m2 and a pack of 150mm will cover 3.42m2.
  • Easy to rip for fast insulation and simply tucked into place and secured with some staples

Using this in external walls:

Sheep Wool Insulation can be installed in a variety of external walls, including structural Timber Frames, Dry Lining And Stud Frame.

External Walls: Structural Timber Frame
The insulation is installed between the timber studs and is ideally stapled into place to ensure permanent performance. This is an important element to insulate as it can account for up to 30% of heat loss from a building. After installing the insulation, the wall can be sealed with a vapour check to improve airtightness. The depth of insulation used is typically the same as the depth of wall stud. Today, common stud depths are 150mm and 200mm. The greater the stud thickness, the higher thermal performance of that building element. Timber frame external walls will usually require a number of layers to achieve the desired thickness.

External Walls: Dry Lining
Dry lining is a term applied to the use of (typically) plasterboard on timber or metal frames. It is a replacement to conventional building practices (‘wet trades’) where brick or block, or more traditionally lath and plaster would be specified. The term dry lining strictly applies to the use of plasterboard to replace a sand and cement or wet plaster finish to internal blockwork, although it’s use has become more broadly associated with internal fit out throughout the building.

External Walls: Stud Frame
Sheep Wool Insulation can be used in stud frame walls, where the studs are separated from the external wall by a cavity. The insulation is installed between the studs.

Using this in internal walls:

Sheep Wool Insulation can be installed in a variety of internal walls, including timber and metal stud walls. Installing wool insulation into internal walls will improve both thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Sound & Heat Insulation
The insulation is rolled between the studs to fill, or partially fill the cavity. This slows down heat transfer between rooms and reduces the cavity through which soundwaves can travel. This application is common in all building types. Insulating internal walls improves your ability to control heat transfer within a building. Although the heat may not be lost if it passes from one room to another, it may be passing into a room that is less often used and thus the energy is wasted.

Fills Cavities
The thickness required will ideally be the same as the cavity it is filling, such as 75mm or 100mm. As the heat is not escaping the building, there is no thermal insulation regulation for this application. Premium or Optimal insulation rolls are suitable for this application.

Using this in attics at rafter level:

An attic or loft is a particularly important element to insulate well as it can account for up to 35% of heat loss from a building and is typically the weakest line of thermal defense in all such house types. To maximise the performance of insulation at ceiling level, a significant thickness is required. This may require installation using a number of layers. A 25-50mm ventilation gap may be required if the roof has a non-breathing or no membrane installed.

In houses with shallow rafters, this might mean adding additional counter rafters to meet requirements. Although this may mean additional effort at the time of installation, it offers a significant long term energy saving advantage. Premium and Optimal insulation rolls are suitable for this application as they can be installed in the sloping rafter and stapled into place.

Using this in attics at ceiling level:

The most common use for Sheep Wool Insulation is on the floor of the attic (or loft) and this is referred to as ceiling level insulation. This use ensures that heat generated within the living space does not pass into the attic and escape. This use is also one of the most important as up to 35% of heat loss from a house can occur here.

To maximise the performance of insulation at ceiling level, a significant thickness is required. Ideally, this would be installed in a number of layers, between and covering the timber joists thus reducing the opportunity for heat to escape through them (known as thermal bridging). In houses with shallow joists, this might mean adding additional joists, or counter joists, if a floor is to be installed afterwards. Although this may mean additional effort at the time of installation, it offers a significant long term energy saving advantage. Premium or Comfort insulation rolls are suitable for this application, with Premium giving a superior performance and Comfort being the lower priced.

Using this at ground floor level:

At ground floor level, Sheep Wool Insulation can be used to minimise heat loss occurring through the floor. This application is very important as up to 25% of heat loss from a house can occur here.

What is Ionic Protect?

With Ionic Protect®, the manufacturer offers the only biocide-free wool protection available anywhere in the world. It is a plasma ion treatment of wool fibres with the aim of protecting them from all negative influences that can occur in construction. Ionic Protect® means that the these products are  permanently biocide-free protected on a plasma-ionic basis against infestation including moths.

It is a slight alteration of the molecular protein structure of the wool fibre through a plasma-ion treatment. This specific process is unique as it permanently prevents the wool from being a nutritional source for wool parasites.

This unique treatment method is only carried out by the manufacturer and gives the sheepwool all the properties that are necessary for its durable function as an insulating material. The functionality is tested and confirmed in the laboratory, protected by trademark patent, natureplus-certified and tested according to EAD/CUAP standard.

Only very well washed virgin sheep’s wool is used in the manufacture of this product. As a matter of principle, the manufacturer does not add any synthetic additives or adhesive fibres. This processing preserves all the natural properties of the fibre.

Sound insulation:

Sheep wool offers excellent sound absorption properties. This product can be placed in ceilings and walls to reduce the level of noise and this is used for this purpose in both commercial buildings such as offices and schools and also in private homes.

Fire safety:

The natural fibres of the sheep wool have a self-combustion temperature of 560 – 600 °C . This high flash point is around twice as high as that of wood ( 270 ° C ) . It also melts away from a heat source without dripping. It requires no flame inhibitor so therefore generates no poisonous gases in the case of fire.

There is no inflammation when electric wires cut short and also smells when lighted – this acts as a biological alarm function. The European Fire Classification is D.

Sustainability and environmental information:

Sheep Wool is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. It is entirely natural and therefore is easily recycled after use or demounting. The manufacturer has the natureplus European quality mark that recognises health compatibility, environmentally friendly production and protection of finite resources. This certifies that the product is harmless.

This can be used by builders and architects to identify environmentally friendly products that are harmless and also produced in a ecologically friendly way. This includes the use of rain water and a wood pellet heating system in the manufacturing plant.

Safety during manufacturing and processing:

  • Inspection of all production batches by an external authorised testing laboratory
  • Wool finished with wool protection Ionic Protect®: tested according to EAD/CUAP
  • Internal quality testing: weight, dimensions, density and voluntary testing according to criteria of the ETZ test plan (European technical approval).
  • Every square metre of ISOLENA (the manufacturer) insulation carries their personal certificate, and they guarantee the best quality and workmanship for your well-being

Specification information:

Premium Sheepwool insulation;

  • 20kg/m3
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.0359 W/m2k
  • Water absorption (100% RH): 35%

Sheep Wool Insulation premium specification

Optimal Sheepwool insulation;

  • 18kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.0385 W/m2k.
  • A pack of 50mm will cover 10.26m2 and a pack of 75mm and a pack of 100mm will cover 5.7m2.

Comfort Sheepwool insulation;

  • 14kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.042 W/m2k.
  • A pack of 100mm will cover 4.56m2 and a pack of 150mm will cover 3.42m2

U Value information:

Sheep Wool Insulation U Values



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