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  • Aeroxon Window Fly Killer Butterfly Pk4

    Fly Killer Window Sticker in shape of Butterfly

    Key features:

    • Decorative window sticker treated with a bait for effective fly control
    • Lasts up to 6 months
    • Use in any room
    • No fumes or vapour
    5.00 (Inc. VAT)
  • Out of Stock
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    Ant And Crawling Insect Spray 300ml

    Insect Spray

    Key features:

    • Efficient and easy to use
    • Fast acting
    • Can be used indoors or outside
    • Direct spray action
    3.40 (Inc. VAT)
  • Bait for Rats/Mouses

    Bait For Rodents

    Key features:

    • Efficient and easy to use
    • Increase catch rate
    • Tube applicant for freshness
    • Suitable to use around children and pets
    4.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Out of Stock

    Doff Slug Snail Copper Tape 4m

    5.00 (Inc. VAT)
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    Doff Slug Snail Copper Tape 4m

    Slug & Snail Adhesive Copper Tape

    Key features:

    • High quality
    • Trusted brand
    • 1.7 Litre capacity
    • Gardener’s essential
    5.00 (Inc. VAT)
  • Endorats Premium Rat Killer Blocks 2.5kg

    Rat Killer Blocks 2.5kg EP03

    Key features:

    • Used to kill Rats and Mice
    • Use indoors and Outdoors
    • Contains Bromadiolone
    • 2.5kg bucket
    37.95 (Inc. VAT)
  • Out of Stock
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    Endorats Rat Mouse Killer Blocks 200g

    Rat and Mouse Killer Blocks

    Key features:

    • Tried and trusted Rat and Mouse killer
    • 10 x 20g blocks
    • Ready to use
    • Can be used in tamper proof bait boxes
    9.50 (Inc. VAT)
  • Out of Stock

    Fly Papers – 4 Pack

    2.49 (Inc. VAT)
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    Fly Papers – 4 Pack

    Fly catch paper

    Key features:

    • Efficient and easy to use
    • Clean white paper design
    • Baited with insect attractant
    2.49 (Inc. VAT)
  • Live Catch Mouse Traps – Twin Pack

    Mouse Traps for catching alive

    Key features:

    • More humane mouse trap
    • Trusted brand
    • Locking bar so no escape possible
    • Twin pack
    5.60 (Inc. VAT)
  • Mouse Trap with Bait – Mouse Killer Kit

    Mouse Killer Trap

    Key features:

    • Efficient and easy to use
    • Fast acting one feed needed
    • Clear lid
    6.45 (Inc. VAT)
  • Organic Slug Killer | 575g + 15% FREE

    Organic Slug Killer

    Key features:

    • Fast acting against slugs
    • Naturally occurring active ingredient
    • Effective after exposure to water and sunlight
    • Certified for organic use
    7.99 (Inc. VAT)
  • Rat And Mouse Bait Station

    Rat and Mouse Bait Station

    Key features:

    • Designed so rodents consume more bait
    • Lockable
    • Bait not included
    • Effective approach to rodent control
    12.50 (Inc. VAT)
  • Rat Bait Block Killer Kit

    Rat Bait Killer Kit

    Key features:

    • Efficient and easy to use
    • Fast acting bait
    • Not harmful to children or pets
    • Complete kit including trap and bait
    10.74 (Inc. VAT)

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