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Foil Insulation


We stock and supply a range of great foil insulation solutions throughout Ireland. The main purpose of foil insulation is to reflect heat thus keeping your home or any building warm in winter and cool in summer.


Our Foil Insulation products include Superfoil Foil Bubble Insulation and Spaceloft Aerogel strips. Foil insulation helps to reflect heat so is great at keeping things cool in summer and warm in winter. Foil insulation can generally be installed anywhere that traditional insulation can be including attics, walls and floors in new or renovated buildings.

Foil insulation works generally works better when installed in a continuous layer rather than cutting and placing between joists as you would do with traditional insulation. Foil tape would also be typically used to seal it so that you can achieve maximum insulation efficiency. It is much tidier than foam board as it does not create any dust when being cut. 

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