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Geotextile Membrane PB1000 4.5 x 100m White

285.45 (Inc. VAT)

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Permeable Geotextile Membrane – White

Key features:

  • PB1000 Membrane
  • Designed to offer filtration, separation and erosion control functions.
  • Non woven geotextile product
  • 4.5m wide x 100m long
  • Gauge is 100g/m2

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Product Description

A Geotextile Membrane is a permeable fabric which, when used in association with soil, has the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect.

  • A UV stabilized, needle punched, non-woven geotextile product.
  • Designed to offer filtration, separation and erosion control functions.


  • Height/Length: 100m
  • Width: 4.5m
  • Gauge is 100g/m2

A Geotextile membrane is an often overlooked but crucial component in construction and environmental projects, and have revolutionised the way we approach infrastructure development and environmental protection. These versatile synthetic fabrics, engineered for their exceptional strength, durability, and permeability, play a pivotal role in various applications.

What is a  Geotextile Membrane?

A Geotextile membrane, also known simply as geotextiles, are specialised synthetic fabrics made from polypropylene, polyester, or polyethylene. These textiles are engineered to meet specific performance criteria, making them ideal for use in a variety of civil engineering, geotechnical, and environmental applications. Geotextiles are typically categorized into three main types: woven, non-woven, and knitted, each with unique properties suited to different applications.

Applications of a Geotextile Membrane

  1. Soil Stabilization: Geotextiles are used to reinforce soil structures and prevent soil erosion. When placed between soil layers, they provide stability and distribute loads, making them vital for the construction of roads, railways, and embankments.
  2. Drainage Systems: In drainage applications, geotextiles allow water to pass through while retaining soil particles. This aids in the prevention of soil erosion and the maintenance of proper drainage systems in landfills, athletic fields, and retaining walls.
  3. Filtration: Geotextiles serve as filters to separate fine soil particles from water, allowing clean water to pass through while retaining contaminants. This is essential in applications such as stormwater management and wastewater treatment.
  4. Erosion Control: Geotextile mats and blankets are employed to stabilize slopes, prevent soil erosion, and protect against sedimentation in rivers, lakes, and coastal areas.
  5. Landfill Liners: Geotextile membranes are integral components of landfill liner systems. They prevent the escape of harmful leachate and protect groundwater and the surrounding environment.
  6. Coastal and Marine Engineering: Geotextiles are used to construct seawalls, revetments, and coastal protection structures. Their resistance to saltwater corrosion and durability make them ideal for these applications.
  7. Road Construction: Geotextiles improve the structural integrity of roads by distributing loads more evenly and preventing the intrusion of fines from the subgrade.

Benefits of Geotextile Membranes

  1. Improved Structural Integrity: Geotextiles enhance the stability and longevity of civil engineering structures, reducing maintenance costs over time.
  2. Environmental Protection: By preventing soil erosion and controlling sedimentation, geotextiles play a crucial role in protecting natural habitats, water bodies, and aquatic ecosystems.
  3. Cost-Effective Solutions: Geotextile membranes often result in cost savings by reducing the need for extensive excavation, materials, and maintenance in construction projects.
  4. Easy Installation: Geotextiles are lightweight and easy to install, making them a practical choice for various projects.
  5. Customizability: Geotextiles come in various strengths, thicknesses, and permeabilities, allowing engineers to select the most suitable product for a specific application.
  6. Sustainability: Some geotextiles are made from recycled materials, contributing to sustainable construction practices.

Geotextile membranes are the unsung heroes of the construction and environmental conservation sectors. Their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness make them indispensable in a wide range of applications, from stabilizing soil structures to protecting our environment from erosion and contamination. As we continue to face challenges related to infrastructure development and environmental preservation, geotextile membranes will play an increasingly vital role in creating sustainable, resilient solutions for the future.

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