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Choosing the right draught excluder – a handy guide

How do you choose the right draught excluder?

Draughts can be a real nuisance, causing discomfort and increasing energy bills by letting precious warmth escape from your home. One effective way to combat this issue is by installing draught excluders.

Exitex, a renowned manufacturer of weatherproofing and draught-proofing solutions, offers a wide range of products to help you keep your home cosy and energy-efficient. So let’s take a look at how to choose the right draught excluder from Exitex to suit your specific needs.

  1. Identify Problem Areas

Before you begin your search for the perfect draught excluder, it’s crucial to identify the areas in your home where draughts are most prominent. Common trouble spots include doors, windows, letterboxes, keyholes, and gaps around pipework or electrical outlets.

Take a thorough walk through your home and make a note of these areas, as this will help you decide which type of draught excluder is required.

Exitex weather bar
  1. Understand the Types of Draught Excluders

Exitex offers a variety of draught excluders designed for different purposes and areas of your home. Some popular options include:

a. Door Bottom Seals: Ideal for preventing draughts from creeping under doors, these seals come in various materials like brush, rubber, or PVC.

There are mainly two types of profiles on doors here in Ireland. You can just take a look and see if the profile is in the shape of a P or else if it is in the shape of an E – then choose the right shape of strip.

b. Door Frame Seals: These seals are installed around the frame of doors to create an airtight barrier, preventing draughts from infiltrating around the edges.

c. Window Seals: Window draught excluders are designed to seal gaps and cracks around windows, helping to keep cold air out and warm air in.

d. Letterbox Draught Excluders: If your letterbox is a source of draughts, consider installing a letterbox draught excluder to stop cold air from entering your home.

e. Keyhole Covers: Keyhole draught excluders are small but effective in sealing off gaps around keyholes.

f. Pipe and Cable Sleeves: These are designed to seal gaps around pipework and electrical outlets, preventing draughts and moisture infiltration.

  1. Choose the Right Material

Draught excluders come in various materials, each with its own advantages and suitability for specific applications. Exitex offers products made from materials such as rubber, PVC, and brush. Consider the following factors when choosing the material:

a. Durability: For high-traffic areas like doors, choose durable materials like rubber or PVC.

b. Flexibility: Brush strips are flexible and can conform to uneven surfaces, making them suitable for irregular gaps.

c. Weather Resistance: Ensure the material can withstand the weather conditions in your area, especially for exterior applications.

d. Aesthetic: Some materials may blend better with your home’s décor, so consider aesthetics when making your choice.

  1. Measure and Install Correctly

Accurate measurements are crucial to ensure your draught excluder works effectively. Measure the length of the area you want to seal and select a draught excluder of the appropriate size. Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions carefully to ensure a secure fit.

  1. Consider Energy Efficiency

In addition to keeping out draughts, draught excluders can also contribute to energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. Exitex’s draught excluders are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you save on heating costs over time. Look for products with features like double seals and high-quality insulation materials to maximize energy savings.

Exitex offers a wide range of draught excluders designed to suit various applications in your home. By identifying problem areas, understanding the types of draught excluders available, choosing the right material, measuring accurately, and considering energy efficiency, you can select the perfect product to keep your home warm and comfortable while reducing energy costs. Invest in the right draught excluder from Exitex, and say goodbye to pesky draughts in your home.

  • Shop options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    E Strip Draught Excluder from Exitex – 5 metres

    Self adhesive rubber strip draught excluder for all windows and doors

    Key features:

    • Up to 35% less heat loss
    • Moisture resistant
    • White or Brown available
    • Easy to install – done in less than 5 minutes
    6.99 (Inc. VAT)
  • Shop options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

    P Strip Draught Excluder from Exitex – 5 Metres

    P Strip Draught Exluder Strips

    Key features:

    • P Shape profile
    • Up to 35% less heat loss
    • Moisture resistant
    • With non stretch backing tape
    6.998.89 (Inc. VAT)
  • Exitex Weather Bar MWK 20 914mm Gold

    Exitex Weather Bar MWK 20 914mm Gold

    Key features:

    • For inward opening doors
    • Under door clearance 20mm
    • Suitable for exposed locations
    • No seals underfoot to be damaged by foot traffic
    41.95 (Inc. VAT)