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Wall Panelling Kit
Wall Panelling Kit
Wall Panelling Kit
Wall Panelling Kit
Wall Panelling Kit

Wall Panelling Kit

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Wall Panelling Kit


Revamp any room easily with our DIY Wall Panelling Kit


Wall Panelling is back in style and for many people it should never have went out of fashion in the first place. This simple addition to any room instantly adds extra class and style and provides a natural charm that you can see as soon as you walk into the room. Your eyes will be drawn to it and you have the option of using it throughout the room or just on one wall - many people add it to their entire house.

Our DIY Wall Panelling Kits allow you to achieve this effect easily with minimal effort and no need for additional or special skills to put this in place successfully. You are then free to paint and decorate to your particular tastes and get that picture perfect look at a fraction of the cost.

These Wall Panel Kits save you an enormous amount of time too compared to tackling this job with the likes of MDF sheets. If you are using MDF sheets then they will need sanded and a few coats of Undercoat and this will take you a fair bit of time. Using our Wall Panel Kits mean you are just painting your normal wall so saves you all that additional effort.

Benefits of using our DIY Wall Panelling kit:

  • Our Wall Paneling Kit instantly adds character to any room
  • Save an enormous amount of time and effort compared to using MDF sheets (no sanding or undercoating needed)
  • Get an immediate and lasting impact
  • Enjoy the chance to add your own style with any choice of paint colour
  • Create a fabulous look at a fraction of the normal cost
  • It is versatile and the ideal middle ground between a flat painted wall and busy wallpaper
  • It is affordable, stylish and simple to install

Older, more expensive Wall Panels use a central board to create the effect in the middle but our Wall Panel DIY Kit uses long boards to outline a shape in the middle. This makes it even easier to install and is an ideal DIY project for any home owner or renovator working to a restricted budget.

What does each kit consist of?

Each Single pack of wall panelling comes with:

  • 1 x (2420mm x 34mm x 31mm) length of large (top) beading
  • 4 x (2420mm x 80mm x 15mm) lengths of board panelling
  • 4 x (2420mm x 25mm x 31mm) lengths of (inside) beading

As an example - if you choose to have your Wall Panels at a height of 1.21 metres (approx 4 foot) then you will have two full lengths of the 2.42 metre board panelling and inside beading sections in each kit and you will cut the other two sections to place on the wall vertically.

This means that each kit gives you coverage of 2.93 square meters (2.42m x 1.21m) or 32 square feet ( 8 feet x 4 feet).

Each of these pieces then fit together easily making installation a very tidy and stress free job. If you need any help at all in calculating the lengths that you need and therefore the amount of packs you require then just open up the live chat on our website or call our helpful and friendly team will help in any way needed.

This Wall Panel DIY Kit is easy to use and plan for - you simply calculate the height you want your panels to reach and then work out the length you need and this gives you the square metre measurement that you require. Continue to do this for each wall that you want to add Wall Panel too and then add them all together to get the total square metre measurement that you require. You then work this against the measurements included in each kit.

If you need any help with this part in working out how many kits you need then call us anytime on 0818 888 000 or open up the live chat on our website and we will help work this out for you too.

You are free to decide yourself what height you want your wall paneling to go to. You could panel the entire wall if you wanted or just a lower fraction if you choose instead. Either way, we always advise to get around 10% extra so that you can allow for miscuts, waste and mistakes etc.


How do you attach these to the wall?

Most people use a combination of strong adhesive like this Arc-Grip Adhesive along with a few small nails to fix this securely to your wall. Many people do not bother with nails at all and if you do decide to use some nails you must be sure that you will not nail through any pipes or wires that may be located within your wall. It is very important that you take this into consideration.

If using nails you must also consider what you are nailing in to when deciding the best nails to use - are you nailing into masonry or plasterboard for example? You can call us on 0818 888 000 or open up our live chat service and we can help with this too.

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