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OSB Sheeting


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We deliver our OSB Sheeting throughout Ireland and this very versatile product is perfect for the likes roofing, flooring, hoarding and has a multitude of other uses.

OSB Sheeting is so popular due to its versatility and the fact that it is so cost effective. It is used in so many locations for a wide range of uses such as flooring and roofing jobs along with the likes of hoarding or sheathing. It is particularly suited to the likes of attic flooring or any conversion work in a loft or attic. Our OSB Tongue and Groove version is very popular for this type of use as it just slots together as you move it into position.

It can be used in humid conditions and is employed for both structural and non-structural uses. OSB stands for Orientated Strand Board and we offer delivery of our various sizes throughout Ireland.

If you need any help in checking if this is suitable for you, or if you need large quantities delivered then you can always contact us on 0818 888 000 or open up the live chat function and chat with a friendly expert.

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